Ruth Makandiwa Celebrates Birthday with Chikurubi Male Prison Inmates

Remembering the marginalised and the forgotten – Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa has been a ray of hope to thousands of people who are shunned away by the society. One of these groups of people are those serving time behind bars.
Many of the inmates have never had a visitor ever since they got into prison. Their family and friends have forgotten about them and this takes a toll on their mental health as they are on a journey of reformation, rehabilitation and ultimately reintegration back into the society after they have served their time.
In celebration of her birthday which was on the 4th of September 2022, Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa assigned the Agape Family Care on a Prisons Outreach program, and Chikurubi Farm Prison was one of the prisons that was visited.
With the theme “Freedom Behind Walls” Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa shared the love of God with the inmates by giving each and every one of the 395 inmates a food hamper and a 20-litre bucket. Each food hamper was comprised of 2 litres of juice, 2 kg of sugar, a pack of tea bags, a face towel, soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste, fruits, a pack of toilet paper, a pack of corn snacks and a loaf of bread. They also had time for counsel so they could pour out their hearts as men to a listening ear.
This wonderful act of pure love by Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa brought smiles on the faces of inmates, reminding them that God loves them unconditionally.