Ruth Makandiwa Celebrates Birthday with Chikurubi Female Prison Inmates

Prison was created as an establishment where offenders are imprisoned to change with the goal that they can be brought back in the general public again as honest residents. However, with most women in prison coming from deprived backgrounds, they fail to get adequate support as well as regular visits from family.
Women in prison’s mental health deteriorates thereby heightening the prevalence of cases of depression. However out of pure love inspired by God; Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa brought smiles on the faces of hundreds of inmates at the above-mentioned prisons; bringing to life the theme for this donation; “Freedom Behind Bars” in a heart-warming manner.
As it has become her custom every single year that Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa celebrates her birthday with the less privileged and the marginalized in the society, this year she assigned the AFC team on a Prisons Outreach program and one of the prisons that was visited was the Chikurubi Female Prison.
A total of 265 hampers; each hamper coupled with a 20 litre bucket, were handed over to each and every inmate at Chikurubi Female Prison from Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa in celebration of her birthday which was on the 4th of September 2022.
The food hamper included 2 litres of juice, 2 kg of sugar, a pack of tea bags, a face towel, soap, a toothbrush and toothpaste, sanitary pads, fruits, a pack of toilet paper a pack of corn snacks and a loaf of bread.
Moved by this gesture of unconditional love, the inmates expressed their gratitude and joy as they celebrated in song and dance.