Valuing Motherhood – Livelihoods Outreach Program in Nyabira

Shamrock Compound in Nyabira was part of a white owned tobacco farm. Residents of the compound were farm employees that worked in the place as tobacco graders; unfortunately when the farmers left they were left unemployed with nowhere else to go.
Residents of the compound survived on selling thatching grass, vending and piece jobs whilst others who were younger resorted to sex work.
Gogo Regina Tshuma Mujoza, a 74-year old widow and also a resident of Shamrock compound lost 3 of her 6 children and is currently taking care of her orphaned grandchildren. She survives through harvesting and selling grass as well as selling firewood, though the earnings are quite meagre.
Being celebrated and appreciated as a Mother based on her vulnerability left her shocked, exhilarated yet relieved. This donation was an unexpected blessing for her that covered her needs together with that of her family. This is in line with Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa’s mission to support and sustain livelihoods.