AFC Empowerment Initiative: Prisca Mushonga’s Story

58 years old Prisca Mushonga of Chinungu Village Beatrice separated with her husband many years ago. In 2005 after the tobacco season she got severely ill to the point of death with High Blood Pressure, Diabetes and Ulcers.
From 2005 she could not work in the fields and struggled to take care of her children since she was ailing. In 2014 she was fortunate to be included on the Agape Family Care Livelihoods Beneficiaries list after she suffered a fractured leg; from this time she was supported with Food Aid and Hygiene Kits for nutrition and health purposes.
For a lengthy period of 16 years she still could not farm due to ill health and lack of inputs. In 2021 she was identified as one of the suitable beneficiaries for the agricultural farming inputs.
Her farming inputs package included 350kgs fertiliser, 70kgs maize seed as well as cash for tractor hire and diesel. On the day of the Agricultural inputs distribution at the Agape Family Care Office she had to attend to a close family funeral hence she sent a close ally to receive the donation on her behalf.
The Agape Family Care visited Prisca in Beatrice on a program monitoring and evaluation exercise and the results of the farming inputs distribution was quite astonishing. She has managed to acquire as well as harvest over 2 tonnes of maize grain which will certainly go a long way in supporting and sustaining her family’s livelihood and welfare.