AFC Empowerment Initiative: Tichaona and Diana’s Story

Tichaona (38 years) and Diana (36 years) Gabriels are siblings of mature age who could have established their own families and living a normal life; unfortunately their life was not so.
Their parents passed away in 2009 and 2010 consecutively leaving them as double orphans with no other siblings. They were left at their family homestead in Manana Village under Seke Rural District. Both siblings had mental attacks and were also neglected by relatives.
The siblings managed to survive by working in other people fields and gardens (maricho) throughout the year in order to get food assistance. They were fortunate enough to be referred to Agape Family Care by an individual who had seen their plight and suffering. Through Agape Family Care they were placed under the Livelihoods beneficiaries list giving them access to food assistance for the past 3 years.
They could not plough for more than 4 years even though they had arable farming land; their challenge had been access to farming inputs. Through the Livelihoods initiative of supporting and sustaining livelihoods, Ruth Makandiwa gave them an even more sustainable intervention through the provision of inputs given in 2021 which
included 200kgs of AN Fertilizer, 50kgs Maize Seed as well as Money for Tractor Hire and Diesel.
In 2022 the Agape Family Care team made follow up visits to the siblings and they were in the process of harvesting a good yield of their crop. For them this is not just a harvest but a harvest of hope that will bring about change in their lives.