AFC Donation to Marondera Child Care Society

The Institutions Program is aimed at addressing the operational support of various community based institutions like Hospitals, Clinics, Children’s Homes, Prisons, Educational Institutions and Old People’s Homes. As Agape Family Care; our aspiration is for Children’s Homes to become centers of excellence and central hubs of community support, education, health, welfare, self -sufficiency and empowerment. Orphaned, abused, neglected and abandoned children end up in children’s homes where they are placed by the Social Welfare Department so they can receive love, protection, education and support.
Situated in Marondera; Marondera Child Care Society is a Children’s Home with a cluster foster care scheme which is a viable child upkeep system offering quality care and protection to about 49 Orphaned and vulnerable children. This Home model allows the children to grow up in a safe family environment where they are trained to grow as responsible citizens with adequate life skills.
Extending the Love of Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa; The Agape Family Care Team from Marondera West made a significant donation of Groceries to Marondera Child Care Society. The orphanage also relies on donations to fend for the children they look after therefore the donation was received with much appreciation. The institution’s Administrator said the donation will go a long way in catering for the children’s welfare and their meals.