AFC Livelihoods Support/Food Distribution in Chitungwiza

Through love and compassion, Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa understands that the death of a husband is a tragedy that befalls a woman involves a physical break in their relationship, which is quite stressful and devastating. The condition of widowhood has exposed women to psychological and physical abuse as well as a whole range of health-related challenges.
In our society many widows face a lot of challenges especially disinheritance, leading to stress, depression, loss of self-esteem, poverty, making them unable to take good care of themselves and their children.
To share love and ease the burden, Agape Family Care identified families whose family heads are single mothers, fathers or widows and widowers with many children to feed but without a regular source of income as well as 20 vulnerable members with hearing impairments. These highly vulnerable and needy women were each be provided with Mealie Meal, Rice, Sugar, Tea Bags, Sugar Beans, Flour, Cooking Oil, Juice, Salt, to boost the nutrition of their children as well as Laundry Soap, Bath Soap, Tooth Paste for the family’s hygiene.