AFC Supporting The Disabled: Tafadzwa’s Story

38 year-old Tafadzwa Bangamuseve was born disabled unable to walk; talk audibly or use his hands well. Tafadzwa was born in a family of 3 children though his other sibling passed on.
From a young age Tafadzwa resided in Mbare Matapi flats with his parents. His mother would carry him to the shared ablution facilities; however when he matured he felt uncomfortable to use the same bathrooms with ladies. Tafadzwa would crawl to the toilets and bathrooms using his bare hands. Since the place was unhygienic and not conducive, his parents decided to relocate to a new settlement area in Waterfalls Harare called ‘Handidzokere Shure’. Though his parents also tried to have him enrolled at Jairos Jiri so he could be taken care of at the institute; but the organisation could not enroll him owing to the extent of his disability that required more monitoring and home based care. Unfortunately a few years later his parents passed on thereby leaving him more vulnerable and in a worse situation.
Tafadzwa began to live a sad life that was worsened by the economic crisis. Relatives were not willing to take him into their households and look after him because of his disability; however his cousin Shelton took up the task of taking care of him at his parents settlement area stand where a few structures had been established. When Gale Ropafadzo Kanda; Tafadzwa’s cousin sister made the request for assistance to Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa; her request was taken into consideration. Agape Family Care was assigned to make an assessment of Tafadzwa’s living conditions. Tafadzwa’s living conditions were pitiful as he lived in an unsanitary state. His bed linen was worn out; his wheelchair needed replacement and his living environment required some attention.
After the assessment Tafadzwa’s needs were established the following were purchased for him and delivered to him in Handidzokere Shure Settlement;
• Mealie Meal, Cooking Oil, Sugar, Flour, Rice, Sugar Beans, Tea Bags, Salt, Juice, Laundry Bars, Washing Powder, Cleaning Detergents, Bath Soap, Dish Washing Liquid, Tooth Paste, Latex Gloves, Linen Servers, Wheel Chair as well as Bed Bed Linen (Blanket, Bed Sheets, Throw and Pillows).
Members of the community gathered to witness love being shared and spread from Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa through Agape Family Care as his goods were delivered. The highlight of Tafadzwa’s donation was the unveiling of his new wheel chair as well as his new bed that was suitable for his condition. Tafadzwa was also given a counselling session so he could learn how to live a healthy lifestyle and abstain from alcohol abuse which was a result of depression. Tafadzwa’s donation will certainly go a long way in making a difference for him and make his living conditions more acceptable.