AFC Celebrates Emmanuel Makandiwa’s Birthday With Sally Mugabe Hospital

As per Emmanuel Makandiwa’s culture which has spanned annually for more than 10 years; his Birthday is celebrated by spreading joy and sharing love with the less privileged.
To carry out this philanthropic exercise, Agape Family Care Institutions Program once again embarked on a special mission of love at Sally Mugabe Children’s Hospital in Harare. The mission was to conduct a donation of Food Hampers and various other goods for children and Mothers.
The donated goods included Mealie Meal, Baby Diapers, Baby Cereal, Baby Bath Soap, Bay Cot Covers, Bath Towels, An assortment of baby toys and Christmas decorations for the children’s wards. The Food hampers comprised of Mealie Meal, Cooking Oil, Sugar, Rice, Flour, Sugar Beans, Tea Bags, Laundry Soap, Bath Soap, Vaseline Petroleum Jelly and Toothpaste.
Representing United Family International Church; Pastor Prime Kufakunesu made the donation handover stating how Emmanuel Makandiwa believes that everyone should enjoy the festive season. Sally Mugabe Children’s Hospital was represented by its Head Matron Lucia Jongwe who appreciated the kind gesture also stating how the donation would be of great use to the institution in their bid to help families that are failing to feed their children due to different circumstances.