AFC Livelihoods Beneficiary; Gogo Molly Zariro

Some stories seem stranger than fiction but when it is God’s orchestration one cannot help it but be struck with awe. As 80 year old Gogo Molly Zariro was on her way out of her compound with her 2 little grandchildren to beg at the shopping centre she encountered the Agape Family Care Team as they arrived. Since she is partially blind Gogo Molly had to be told that she had visitors from Agape Family Care that had been assigned to her by Ruth Emmanuel-Makandiwa. This message resulted in an eruption of emotions as she shouted and cried at the same time; for her hope had arrived. Gogo Zariro could not help but call out for neighbors to come and witness what the Lord had done for her.

Having been married for more than 20 years, Gogo Zariro was unfortunately not blessed with the fruit of the womb but she had adopted 2 daughters. She was identified as an Agape Family Care beneficiary since 2012, but she had relocated to some rural areas where her other relatives stay. The Agape Family Care Team kept looking for her so they could give her her monthly provisions but unfortunately she could not be found. Upon being hinted by one of her neighbors that she had returned the Agape Family Care Team took prompt action to visit her and see if she required any assistance.

The Agape Family Care Team had a grocery hamper for Gogo Zariro as well as a bag of Maize. This provision had come at the right time since Gogo Zariro professed that she did not have anything to eat for herself and her small family. Since her return from the village she had struggled to put a meal on the table and this drove her to the streets to beg.
Agape Family Care will continue to support Gogo Zariro to ensure that she does not remain vulnerable.