AFC Scholarship Beneficiary

Name: Tedious Tangai Mujeka
Age: 22 Years Old
Institution: National University of Science and Technology
Program: Quantity Surveying

My mother passed on when I was two years old and my father died when I was in grade five. After the death of my father, everything crumbled down for me, especially in terms of my school fees and other educational materials.
Fortunately, a business man from Kotwa Growth Point assisted me with tuition fees from Grade Five up to Form 2 but then he could no longer finance my education. At this time I was enrolled at Mutoko Government High School. I became hopeless at that time because there was no one to help me. Before this, I was very enthusiastic with regards to my studies but at that time it dried up.

In that time of loneliness, someone came and helped me with tuition fees so that I would be able to transfer from Mutoko Government High School to Kotwa Government High School. When I was in Form Three things were very tough to the extent that I decided to stop going to school since there was no one to help me. Opportunely, my mathematics teacher had pity on me and he assisted me together with his friend to pay my school fees so that I could be able to write exams. When I was in form four, I faced a great challenge of registering my subjects for the final exams; however my uncle managed to register five subjects whilst another teacher from that school registered three more subjects for me. When the O’Level results came out, I was not able to collect my result slip since I had not yet fully paid my school fees.

Hopelessly, I spent a year without knowing my results and that time I was now living in the rural areas. The thought of my other school mates excelling in their education whilst I was stuck in the rural areas, herding cattle and farming, made me to lose all the hope I had. Two of my sister-cousins then assisted me to pay the balance. They are also the ones who told me about Agape Family Care and I managed to submit my application to the Agape Family Care. When I was invited to the office I narrated my story to the Agape Family Care Team and they decided to take me in and be responsible for my tuition fees and related expenses under the Scholarship Fund.
I have come to realize that indeed Ruth Makandiwa is a mother of the motherless; she cares for everyone in the world regardless of their background. She accepted me without even considering the fact that I was not a member of her church. Frankly, I am now free from financial challenges because of the love of Ruth Makandiwa, the mother of the motherless and the love of Emmanuel Makandiwa, the father of the fatherless. 
Agape Family Care has been assisting me since 2015 when I was in form five until now. I am currently at the National University of Science and Technology where I am a part two student doing a degree in quantity surveying. I am now pursuing my studies without any stress because I am no longer an orphan. I also noticed that I am not only benefiting physically but also spiritually. Thank you Ruth Makandiwa for investing in my future and for your support. I would not have had the same access to an amazing education that provides great opportunities for learning and growth if it were not for your generosity. This scholarship has really inspired me to work harder and pursue my goals with strength and courage!