AFC Bulawayo Donates Food Aid To Schools In Rural Areas

At 5:00am, under the still-dark sky, young learners struggle to get out of bed. Getting out of bed and going to school every morning remains a daunting task for them as they have to walk more than 30 kilometres, and usually on an empty stomach.

This is the predicament that most scholars in the rural areas of Bulawayo have to face in their bid to attain their education. Teachers and Principals have complained of having to teach pupils who are hungry and exhausted after their long walk to school.

As a solution to the challenge at hand; scholars end up sleeping in their classrooms during the week so they do not have to walk from school at night when they finish school late. This means that there is now a requirement for meals to cater for these students when they sleep at school. 

The Bulawayo Agape Family Care Team saw a need in schools around the rural areas of Bulawayo and they made the initiative to reach out and lend a helping hand expressing the love of Ruth Makandiwa to the students. The Bulawayo Agape Family Care team made a donation of groceries that will cater for the students’ meals when they are away from home so they do not have to sleep hungry or subject themselves to more vulnerability owing to hunger. This gesture of love and support from Agape Family Care will go a long way in easing the burden for these young scholars.