#GirlChildSheCan Auxillia’s Story

Dressed in her worn out green uniform, a yellow beanie hat, an inner striped cardigan and a pink little jacket on top irrespective of the chilly winter weather, Auxillia stood out amongst hundreds of other children. One could not ignore the vibrant looking young girl with torn shoes that had worn out green socks dangling from her shoes. Her small, bright eyes shone with the intensity of one who longed to reach out and share her story. Regardless of her painful life experiences and encounters, 11 year old Auxillia is one young girl who could still afford to smile.

Auxillia is a child who has suffered rejection after her father refused custody and responsibility of her and her siblings whilst her mother remarried and the stepfather refused to take care of them. She currently lives with her old maternal grandmother together with 6 other siblings. Auxillia’s grandmother struggles to pay their fees and provide for other basic necessities of life as well as providing nutritious meals for them. Her maternal grandfather sells firewood for a living whilst her grandmother sells thatching grass to make ends meet. Together with her siblings Auxillia walks 15km to go to school and 15km to return home; making it 30km each day.

Having seen the sorry state that Auxillia was in, the Agape Family Care team promptly took action and purchased a full uniform set for Auxillia as well as groceries that were handed over to her grandmother. Plans are underway to ensure that Auxillia together with her siblings are all part of the Agape Family Care Scholarship Fund. This will not only give her hope but it will boost herself esteem and grow her confidence giving the ability to excel in school knowing that She Can!