Ruth Makandiwa Builds a House For a Widow in Mhondoro

Nyuchi (aged 71 years), love descended in the form of Ruth Makandiwa. Following the death of her husband in 1991, Gogo Nyuchi experienced the rough side of life. Her husband of Malawian descent had left her with 16 children all of which she had to fend for by working in other people’s fields and farms. With no permanent residence, she had to move from place to place, looking for piece jobs. 

Even though she earned a few dollars from the menial jobs she would engage in, it was not even close to enough to feed her huge family.

Things got worse when her children began to die, one after the other, leaving her with only 6 children from the total number of 16. 

With no place to run to and no one to give her comfort, the best place for her to find refuge was in the house of the Lord. 
In 2012, Ruth Makandiwa identified her, amongst hundreds of other elderly women and Gogo Nyuchi became one of Agape Family Care’s beneficiaries. She began to receive groceries, blankets, clothing and footwear for herself and the entire family. Her grandchildren were also incorporated on the scholarship fund to cover for their school fees. She was also invited on a regular basis for functions that Ruth Makandiwa would hold for the less privileged.

After a very long time of having to endure tough living conditions, Gogo Nyuchi’s prayers were answered by God in the form of Ruth Makandiwa through the Agape Family Care. 
Over and above the monthly groceries, school fees, clothes and blankets that Ruth Makandiwa had been providing for Gogo Nyuchi and her family since 2012, Ruth Makandiwa took it upon herself to bring comfort and peace in the life of Gogo Nyuchi and her family and address their biggest challenge. 

In late 2018, Ruth Makandiwa deployed a construction team to Gogo Nyuchi’s compound to construct a 4-roomed house for her. 
The construction of the house was completed in February 2019. Ruth Makandiwa also took a further step and fully furnished the new house for Gogo Nyuchi. The furnishings included new beds, new bed linen, curtains, a 4-piece lounge suite, a 2-piece kitchen unit, plates, cups, pots and a huge grocery for Gogo Nyuchi and her family. 
The fully furnished house was presented to Gogo Nyuchi by the assigned Agape Family Care team on the 13th of March 2019.