#TogetherInTheSameWorld Agape Family Care Donates Towards Albinism in Murambinda

Relentless and undeterred the “Together in the same world” awareness campaign which seeks to bring to light the plight of people living with Albinism moved to partner with Global Aid Mission under the auspices of Agape Family Care.

People living with albinism are, in most cases, discriminated and marginalized by the society but Ruth Makandiwa has taken it upon herself to share the undconditional love of God with them.

A donation of 200 clinically-proven skin care products and hats specifically for people living with albinism was made by Agape Family Care at the BFAC Centre in Murambinda on the 9th of March 2019.

After the hand-over ceremony, the 300 people were treated to a sumptuous meal, courtesy of Ruth Makandiwa through the Agape Family Care.