A Special Christmas For Mtemwa Leprosy Centre


Leprosy has been feared in almost every culture for many years, due to the deformities and disabilities it comes with. The absence of effective treatment and the mystery surrounding its causes have caused the people showing signs of leprosy to be shunned and treated as outcasts by the society.

But the Love of God does not discriminate; it unites people from all walks and encompasses even the neglected and those who are regarded as outcasts by the society.

As part of its mission to share the love of God with all people from all communities, the Agape Family Care visited the Mtemwa Leprosy Catholic and Care Centre in … on the 14th of December 2018. Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa, through the Agape Family Care, made a Christmas donation to the Mtemwa Leprosy Centre. The donation consisted of (10 x 2kg) 5 cases of sugar, (10 x 2 kg) 8 cases of rice, (10 x 500g) 5 cases of sugar beans, (10 x 1 kg) 5 cases of salt, (12 x 1kg) 8 cases of laundry soap, (96 x 1175g) 5 cases of bathing soap, 17 x 2 litre flavoured drinks and (8 x 2 litres) 5 cases of cooking oil.

Named after one of the mountains that are close to the area, Mtemwa Leprosy Centre was founded in 1932, mainly as a care facility dedicated for the welfare of the people with leprosy.

“We would like to thank Agape Family Care who have come to help us in a time of need. This place is not only marked for one denomination but for all denominations because we believe in one Christ who has shared the same love to all of us in the whole world. .” Reverend Father Tigere of the Mtemwa Leprosy Centre said.

Prophetess Ruth Makandiwa shared the love of God with the people of Mtemwa Leprosy Centre, giving them a reason to smile and celebrate Christmas.